Changes are Coming

Have you ever wanted to do something and never do it?  That is where I have been with this site.  Every week I intend to write about something, anything to post on here.  I just haven’t done it.  And I can’t tell you why.  Not because I don’t want to, I really just don’t know myself.  I will figure this out and start writing about things soon.

Now for the changes that are coming.  You know that I am a truck driver and I have been running a lane between my home in Tennessee and St. Louis everyday.  This year has been a tough one because the parts I haul go to a plant that has shut down for a total of 10 weeks off and on so far this year.  They are shut down again this week and are possibly going to shut down for another week in September and one more in October.  Plus, it’s confirmed they are shutting down the whole month of December.  It’s ridiculous!

The big change that’s coming, I am going to get my own authority again and hit the road.  I don’t want to be gone all the time, but I have to make some real money.  I have one daughter in college and another going to start next year.  I have to start saving for retirement too.  There are so many things I have to pay for and I just can’t afford to stay on with this lane anymore.  Plus, there aren’t any unemployment checks for me when they shut down either since I’m self employed.  So change is coming and I plan on writing about it and a whole bunch of other stuff I do right here.

RussellChanges are Coming

It Has Been Over A Year

I am not doing well at all in writing blog posts.  Not at all.  And I’m not even sure why I can’t get it together to write.  I had lots of ideas and was hoping to write at least twice a week about them, but…..


This will change.  This is the year I get it together and write.  Love the Grind!  It’s all a matter of loving the daily grind.  Making a daily ritual of writing and doing it day after day after day.  Every Day! The same time every day.  I know that’s what I need.  I also know I do things best when I have a habit.  And if I interrupt that habit I just stop doing it and most of the time I never get back into it.

So now it’s time for a change.  A change in habits.

RussellIt Has Been Over A Year

“To Do Lists” and “To Be Lists”

I often make a “To Do List” so I can keep track of what I need to get done.  But a “To Be List”?  That one got me to thinking.  I am almost 50 years old and have never thought of making a “To Be List”,  never.  A “To Do List” for sure, many of them.  That’s an ongoing process throughout life.  Everyone makes them so they can get things done.  And you know why we want to get things done?  So we can do the things we want to do.

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Russell“To Do Lists” and “To Be Lists”

Getting Behind

Well, it’s been over a month now since my last post.  Not a good track record.  Back when I started this blog I was thinking I could actually post 2-3 times a week with ease.  Imagine that!  I am learning that to do that I need more time than I have to think of and write about topics that matter.  And there are lots of things distracting me from writing.  I am just going to have to work around them.  And that I will do!

This blog is going to teach me a lot of things about me that I am coming up short in.  A lot of things.  And my goal is to continue working on improving my discipline so I will improve myself and this blog.

RussellGetting Behind

My Little Girl

When I became a father, I had no clue what that would do to my life.  It ended up turning my world upside down!  Getting married had already made a big impact,  but Fatherhood!  Whew, I had no idea what that would bring, nor the gut checking and heart feelings that was fixing to come.

Raeann is my firstborn.  She started off within the first few minutes of her life making me realize that there were so many things I didn’t know, and also that she was a creation of God.  There really is no way to describe the essence of that moment as I remember it.  I talked to her and wondered about so much after I cut the cord and she was under the warming lamps while still covered in the coating of a newborn and she held onto my finger.  I spoke her name for the first time to her.  I assured her that I was there and would protect her and let no harm come to her.  You know, there is something within a man to have these feelings.  And while I did so I wondered what her life would bring to her and us.  It was a surreal moment to me.  And Oh Lord, I had no clue how her life was going to unfold and tug on my heart.

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RussellMy Little Girl